We live the dream, so why not come join us!

Enjoy the luxury of a million dollar property...

We love vacation rentals, and you know why? You get to stay in a million dollar property, call it "four seasons style vacationing", at a fraction of the cost. We are pretty sure you can get addicted to this style of vacationing and never look back. Over the course of the last decade the popularity of vacation rentals has grown tremendously in Hawaii. Homes and condo's offer space and luxury that far outstrips any hotel accommodation, and overall cost is much lower as meals can be prepared at home and visitors are not always forced to go out for almost anything they need. Over 88% of the vacation renters believe the overall experience is better than a hotel. Having access to a kitchen, a living room space to relax in, the convenience of entertaining friends, and a more authentic local experience are just some of the reasons that will get you hooked as well.

A fully furnished oceanfront home or condo gives you unsurpassed luxury, freedom, and a much better way to relax and live carefree through your much deserved vacation. Vacation rentals are unique in locations, amenities, configuration, and size. As such, vacation rentals book early and we are sure you will come back year after year to relive the wonderful Hawaii experience.  Book now and lock in a great rental for your next vacation!

Our company, Boundless Hawaii:

As owners we have traveled and lived all over the world, from Europe to Asia, South Pacific, Africa, and the USA. We have been in the travel and tourism industry for over 25 years, but also have partners with deep experience in corporate management and leadership. This unique blend of experiences gives us the ability to act as the perfect intermediary between the owner of a home and a visitor desiring a relaxing and unencumbered experience in Hawaii. We love what we do as it mostly involves giving people a wonderful vacation experience in paradise!

We are a boutique business by choice as personalized service, and high standards in all areas of our operations, is core to our business philosophy and approach.  Over the years we have worked hard on optimizing our rental portfolio to ensure you will have an unforgettable experience in Hawaii.

Contact us at: reservations@boundlesshawaii.com or 1 (877) 782-5662 or visit us at www.boundlesshawaii.com